Sunday, 31 March 2013

CM Najam Sethi Or “Aapas Ka Caretaker”

CM Najam Sethi  Or “Aapas Ka Caretaker”

When the rival newspapers starting posting headlines like ‘Aapas Ka Caretaker’, there remains no doubt that from where the smoke is emanating. The nomination of Najam Sethi, the senior journalist from Jang / GEO group and the owner of Daily Times was a painful news for many.
Not only rival media groups of Jang group are in dismay, political parties like PTI are also not that happy. Both Nawa-e-waqt and Dunya group have shown their displeasure in muffled headlines and news items. PTI’s social media warriors have started posting propaganda about Najam Sethi on Twitter and Facebook.

Already a document is circulating on Twitter which claims that Najam Sethi bought  1.2 million dollar apartment in the America, and was never be able to show his source and means. He is being bashed for his earlier caretaker stint, and so on.

I am wondering whether Najam Sethi would be conducting his show Aapus Ki Baat after becoming chief minister of Punjab? What would Muneed do by the way now?  And oh if there is no program, then please make Muneeb Farooq some minister or adviser or according to PTI fan club, massager of Najam Sethi.

As soon as Najam Sethi’s name was included in the list, most of the people including Najam Sethi knew that who will be the next caretaker chief minister of Punjab. In these times, there is now way that a media person is to be denied anything, specially this close to the elections.
The mighty Jang / GEO group was throwing all its weight behind Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan and the main anchor of GEO is running a virtual campaign Najam. Is it any wonder that electoral commission not to hear? That is the power of the media these days in Pakistan. An absolute dictatorship. Political parties, the judiciary, and bureaucracy, no one can even utter a soft cry for them.

Najam Sethi's selection as CM Punjab was a no-brainer.
Even PTI is quiet, although Haroon Rasheed columnist, a guide of Imran Khan, Najam Sethi's critique as a pawn of Washington. But PTI can not afford her dissent see at this point. Rohail Butt Says that Najam already worked in his program to the PTI to please.

Yet Najam Sethi is a good choice. He is not going to be any delay in the elections to support, and he is not going to want to extend his stay as CM. The only point is that he never would be a CM if the media had not been this powerful, and that is alarming.

The political game of PPP has taken new form as they proposed the name of Najam Sethi as the caretaker chief minister of Punjab. They know that PML-N won’t risk opposing the name of Najam Sethi, as Najam is right now the most popular and most influential opinion maker on the all-powerful Pakistan private TV media.

The only opposition that could come from the PTI Imran Khan. PFTs columnist Haroon Rasheed has written numerous times in his column that Najam Sethi is the pawn of the U.S. and is against the Pakistani establishment. Najam Sethi is not well liked in all two powerful Pakistani establishment.
But for the last few days, even a casual observer of the program Najam Sethi's get a strong feeling that the institution Sethi tries to calm down and also tilt heavily towards the PTI. He went even further to only large public meeting of PTI term as the quarter finals of the upcoming elections. His gentle gestures plead to him the CM.

Caretaking is not new to Najam Sethi. He regretted his previous role as caretaker minister many times in his program, but it was very interesting to see during his own talk show, when he showed barely concealed joy about his prospects of becoming CM of Punjab.

Ansar Abbasi wrote a column against CM Punjam Najam Sethi but the Jung group did not published it.
You can visit this column on the following link: