Monday, 4 February 2013



Karachi was not mentioned on the list of Most Volatile Cities of the World and that the murder rate of Karachi is way lesser than New Orleans, Washington DC, and Mexico.

Target killing is now a worst issue of Karachi, People are scare of leaving their houses and going to public places in fear that they will even be able to come back safely or not every person who resides in Karachi is faces this terrorism every time everywhere we heard news about target killing, but the actual fact is beyond reality.
Any type of murder in the city media claim that it is target killing, however the fact is totally different, Number of population of Karachi is  increases day by day, that’s why  crime rate increasing such as fraud, snatching, looting, extortion, kidnapping, personnel matter or family matters  is also increase.

If somebody gets killed over some enmity involving a girl friend, it is also dubbed as target killing,”
The two days ago the Stepson of member Sindh assembly Usman Jalbani was killed in a firing incident in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Deceased Arif Rajrh was attacked and killed in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, block 13,

Some persons call it that it was a target killing but this killing is may be belong to the incidence of two years before firing at a private dance party in Defense in which 6 people were killed including Peer Pagara and Akbar Bugti’s grandson Talay Bugti and in this case the Rajrh had been nominated in this killing and was currently on bail.

However he is in the hit list of opponents and center of the focus. While FIR was launch against him, however he is freely moving in the city by using MPA number plate and Pakistan People’s party Flag on his car.

Media did not show this point in their news and talk shows and no any action has been taken place against the incidence of Death of 6 peoples including Grandson of Peer Pager and Bugti. No sou moto action has been taken place in any of the Pakistan Court on this killing.
in each murder many of the peoples make its political issue and targeted only one political party but do not want to know the actual fact of the murder, one example is already mentioned over here, it is one of the example however many of the murders have its different hidden stories.

Written By: Syed Hamood Ur Rehman